Whistleblowing Policy

Active Network Security Services has established a Whistleblowing Policy to misconduct in the workplace to make it easier for ANSS members or the public to report violations of conduct and / or integrity, in a structured manner with the assurance that the Whistleblowing identity is protected and confidential.

Disclosure of misconduct such as financial misappropriation, corruption, fraud and abuse of power by ANSS staff can be done using the complaint form provided.

Scope of Reporting

Any misconduct or criminal offense as follows:

1. Corruption and fraud.
2. Criminal offence
3. Misuse of funds or assets ANSS
4. Serious abuse of power in ANSS
5. Serious financial irregularities or violations of financial rules in ANSS
6. Actions / negligence that endanger the safety of ANSS members, the
public or the environment
7. Deliberate actions directing or advising a person to do any of the above

Disclosure Content Information

The information to be reported must contain the following:

  1. Name of Offender
  2. Time of incident
  3. Date of incident
  4. Amount involved (if any)
  5. Evidence of alleged incident
  6. Other relevant information
  7. Proof of support (if any)

Informer Protection

Whistleblowers will be protected under the Policy if the disclosures made are true and honest. Whistleblower Protection is enshrined under the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (Act 711) which stipulates that the Whistleblower identity will be protected and kept confidential. The Information Provider must submit the required identity and complete information in the form provided. The Whistleblower will be informed of the outcome of the disclosure. Whistleblower Protection is void if:

  1. Whistleblowers participate in inappropriate behavior

  2. The informant deliberately gave a false statement

  3. Disclosure of information is done with malicious intent

  4. Disclosure of information is incomplete and unfounded

  5. Disclosure of information is trivial and inconvenient

Disclosure of Disclosure

The Informant will be informed of the outcome of the disclosure made by him.

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